Mary Downing Hahn: A Summary

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Ali is a thirteen year old girl who finds an odd photograph in the attic. Ali knows that the two girls in the photo are her mom and her Aunt claire. But who 's the third girl in the photo and why is she ripped out of the picture? Ali, Dulcie and her four-year-old daughter, Emma were planning to go on vacation to the cottage that Ali 's mom and Dulcie went to in the summer. Dulcie and Ali’s mom hadn 't been there since they were kids. Why didn’t they go to the cottage anymore? Did something happen at the cottage when they were young? The next day Ali and Emma went to go swimming and met a girl name sissy. Sissy wanted to go swimming with Ali and Emma but Sissy was trying to drown Emma my dunking her head constantly under the water. Was Sissy trying to kill Emma? Dulcie told Ali the story About Teresa. Teresa had died when Dulcie and Ali 's mom were in a canoe and threw a doll named Edith in the Water, Teresa went to get it and the canoe got lost and Teresa went missing. Ali 's mom and dulcie lied about the accident and felt terrible what they have done. So could sissy be Teresa’s …show more content…

I think the Author 's purpose for this book is that Mary Downing Hahn wanted to entertain the reader because it was a frightening story. She also got inspiration from a spooky story that her teacher told her so Mary decided to write a book similar

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