Maus Theme Essay

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The graphic book Maus is written by Art Spiegelmen and is a powerful book filled with the themes of survival and racism. Maus is not just an overview of the causes and events leading up to the Holocaust, but is a true portrayal of a couple’s personal experience of trust and betrayal, separation and reunion, starvation and torture, and most importantly survival. One event that takes place in the book which definitely shows these themes is when the book eventually reaches the year 1943 and Vladek and his wife Anja are trying to survive during the holocaust when people are being sent to Aushwitz and Jewish searches take place. In Srodula, the Germans begin to round up Jews at random. To protect himself and his family, Vladek builds a shelter …show more content…

The compound is a waiting area for transport to Auschwitz (a concentration camp). Vladek gets his cousin Haskel, who is Chief of the Jewish Police, to help. In exchange for a diamond ring, Haskel prepares for the release of Vladek and Anja. But instead of escaping they are sent to Aushwitz (a concentration/death camp). At this point in the Holocaust, family loyalties largely faded away and it was every man for himself. This event deals with survival and deception which are two important themes of the book. Even though Vladek gave food and helped another Jew who was starving, he still reported Vladek and his wife to the authorities. Many people betrayed each other in an attempt to save their own lives. As the Nazi brutality continues to worsen, the instinct for survival begins to overpower the powerful bonds of Jewish identity. This is seen in the form of the Jewish Police. They are just as harsh as the Nazis, as Haskel despite being Vladek’s cousin still dosen’t help him even after receiving a diamond ring in exchange for help. Vladek says "At that time it wasn't any more families. It was everybody to take care for himself!". Even though Maus Is a graphic novel, it still contains many events and themes that which are appealing to both adults and

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