Maya Encounters In Shaping Maya's Identity

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Many of the people Maya encounters have made an impact in her life, exactly who was an essential presence in shaping Maya’s identity?Maya has been through a lot and throughout her journey the concept that has always been present in her life has been identity, whether she is in Stamps, Arkansas, Long Beach or Saint Louis.Annie Henderson,Vivian Dexter and Ms.Flowers have been influential in shaping Mayas identity with their knowledge, advice and perspective on life, most importantly what they taught Maya about life. Theses are important when it comes into shaping anyone. Annie Henderson,known as Momma was very present in Maya’s childhood. Momma’s strict behavior and acute way of viewing on life has shaped Maya’s mind in knowing wrong from right. Maya Angelou author of I know why the caged bird sings.Writes about her life growing up. Annie Henderson has been their for maya in various ways. One way has been always respecting her. An example of this has been when she respected her silence after she has been raped and her birth mother family didn’t respect it and send her back to Stamps,Arkansas.Respect is a key quality that Ms.Henderson has taught Maya.Maya has seen her grandmother show respect no matter what. The first time Maya has experienced the concept of respect no matter what has been when …show more content…

Maya Angelou author of I know why the caged bird sings. Writes about her childhood.Vivian Baxter taught Maya about life how it's rough but to keep going .Even though her presence wasn't present in her childhood it was in her teenage years. Vivian might not be the best for Maya in her childhood but she is essential for her teenage years with her life lessons about life. One person that changes Maya's life with advice and books was ms. Bertha flowers and her way of

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