Mayor De Blasio Case Study

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Mayor de Blasio: NYC Will Fight Trump 's Proposed Budget Cuts Mayor de Blasio denounced President Trump’s initial budget proposal, saying it have a “hugely negative impact” to the president’s own hometown and threatened to “fight” the proposed budget. “President Trump’s budget proposal would have a hugely negative impact on his hometown,” de Blasio told reporters in a news conference. “New York City is directly in the crosshairs of this budget proposal. Maybe if he remembers where he comes from, it would help him realize that he needs to take a different path if he actually wants us to be safe and to succeed.” According to NYPD police commissioner James O’Neill, one of de Blasio’s top officials who stood by the mayor to denounce the President proposal, the budget plan would cut $190 million in anti-terror funding for New York City, along with $110 million in federal funding, a total that “represents nearly all federal funding to the NYPD.” “We don’t know exactly what the …show more content…

“You’re going to see cities of all sizes hurt by this budget, you’re going to see towns hurt by this budget,” de Blasio said. “A lot of things in President Trump’s budget will be very difficult for Republicans to vote for.” The mayor and his commissioners couldn 't provided a dollar figure of the full impact the spending plan on the city’s budget. He also refused to discuss any details as to how the city is preparing to cope with such expected cuts, only promising to fight “every single one” of the plan. The city is expected to receive $8.5 billion in categorial grants from the federal government, and $7 billion in the next fiscal

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