Meaning Of Heaven In Macbeth

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Heaven is one of the brightest, most comforting words in the English language. It provides an answer and a safety net for humanity's biggest problems. Heaven is a place,according to the Christian faith, where people go,after they die, if they have been a good person who believes in God. Heaven for many people answers the question where we go after we die and makes people feel happy knowing they won't disappear into total darkness or cease to exist. Besides heaven providing an answer for the afterlife, it also seems to provide a sense of protection for people. Many people believe heaven watches over them to protect them or to even judge them.In the play Macbeth,heaven is referenced multiple times in the play, and to someone who is reading it ,it would seem like it is referenced to the literal.However, like in most of Shakespeare ,the word heaven in the play, has a deeper alternative meaning. In tragic play Macbeth composed by Shakespeare,many people are killed ,in the name of ambition, by Macbeth to become king.In Scottland,King Duncan rules the land and Macbeth is his general. One day when Macbeth is out on an expedition, he encounters three witches who prophesies he will be king. When he tells his wife, Lady Macbeth, of the prophecy , they conspire and proceed with a killing spree that kills King Duncan and his …show more content…

We can see across all Shakespearean tragedies that the power of good gains the upper hand by the exposition of evil,so all arguments against this is

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