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2015 ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Metrowest has renewed the relationship with the Orange county chamber of commerce in order to enforced our community involvement • In the process of educating and developing the Metrowest team to better serve our new and current members. Team members are maximizing their time and discovering member’s needs while processing the day to day transactions. • Discovering Real Estate needs and making members aware of our products. Identifying opportunities to strengthen our long term loan portfolio • Utilizing Synapsis in order to increase the products per household. • The restructure of the team and the environment, identifying problems prior to happening. The Team members are being cross trained in order to increase productivity…show more content…
Based on a 15% growth, Metrowest is currently at and advantage of 106% loan to goal on real estate products. Consumer loans within our demographics have become more challenging due to CFE parameters. Metrowest currently holds a loan growth of 81% to goal YTD. Our focus will continue to be real estate products as an alternative to our low number of approved loans, and scarce amount of loan applications. The focus will be placed in our current members holding mortgages at other financial institutions. We will also target new members. Team members will be educating our new membership about our products and services and making availability to find the opportunities. The tools to reach our goals will be reviewing credit reports, doing member follow ups, and contacting members on our marketing lists and having day to day conversations while transacting with members. SWOT Analysis – credit Unions Strength – Credit unions have better rates, products and services. Credit union is well recognized by major financial advisors and by the community. The market is open to explore new options. Credit Union being non for profit gives the members a sense of ownership and peace of…show more content…
These are all known unpenetrated markets, with commercial areas surrounded by multiple affluent neighborhoods. As of 2011 data shows that there is a large medium age household open to the credit union concept. Metrowest with the assistance of the marketing department can reach out to the communities and schools of the area to better expand our opportunities. OPERATION GOALS DURING 2015: Metrowest in an effort to accomplish our goals during the year 2015 will be working in the following: • More sales activities engaging and motivating the team like branch competitions and celebrations • Work closely with marketing to implement advertising fitted to our area • Cross trained the team to be able to assist our members based on the day to day need • Real Estate product development • Increase our number of notaries • Continuous coaching of memorable service • Fulfill our branch FTEs to be able to cover out of the branch activities • Maintain and improve our loan and checking penetration COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Continue our participation with all chamber community and business

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