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The goal of NCLB is that, “Educators, while not abdicating their responsibility to educate each child to high standards regardless of their background”. However, it is impossible to achieve the objective because of gender difference. People intuitively define the future developmental trend of a person according to his gender. They believe that a girl should be obedient, and girls unable to understand advanced mathematics, science, or engineering; on the other hand, a boy should follow boy codes to be a real man. But, does gender really matter to influence a person’s future trajectory? “Missing in Interaction”, written by Myra and David Sadker, is an article to discuss why girls are invisible in schools. With the studies in elementary schools, the authors conclude that “gender segregation is a major contributor to female invisibility”. Teachers would like to spend more time and attention on male students because they are full of vitality and creativity; whereas, teachers only say OK to female students since they do not care about girls’ achievement on academic. In their minds, a woman is hard to be an excellent scientist or engineering even though female students’ scores are better than male students’. It is a kind of gender discrimination, because female students are under a variety of psychological implications that …show more content…

Most people believe the hypotheses is right, and teachers also follow this rule to educate their students. However, in the article, “Does Gender Matter”, Michael Kimmel explains the hypotheses is wrong. The society assume that women are innately less able than men, but there is no scientific support. Women are repeatedly told they are less good, their self-confidence falls and their ambitions dim. Kimmel believes that the confidence is the most important issue for a man to be successful whereas

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