Monster By Walter Deann Myers

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The novel Monster, by Walter Deann Myers, talks about the story of two young men put on trial for the murder of Alguinaldo Nesbitt. Twenty two year old James King and sixteen year old Steve Harmon are put on trial for the crime that ended Alguinaldo Nesbitt life. Alguinaldo Nesbitt was shot with his own gun while working at his own drugstore. Lorelle Henry testifies king was at the store the day of Mr. Nesbitt death, Bobo Evans testifies that King shot Mr. Nesbitt with a chrome, and lastly Osvaldo Cruz testifies that him and King planned and did this get over. On the other hand Dorothy Moore gives king an alibi. I believe that James King is guilty of felony murder. Osvaldo Cruz testifies that James King planned and was involved in this get over. Petrocelli ask, “when bobo mentioned the other participants, did he specify what part they were to play in the robbery?.” Osvaldo answers,“Him and King were going to go into the store and do the thing” (100). Osvaldo Cruz admits to being a part of this robbery and confirms that james king and Bobo Evans went into the store and committed this crime . Osvaldo part was too slow anyone down that tried to chase …show more content…

Briggs asks “and what time do you remember Mr. king coming to your home that afternoon?” Dorothy moore answers “three thirty” (206). Petrocelli exploits weaknesses in dorthy moore testimony. Petrocelli asks, “ Do you remember the purpose of the visit?” dorothy Moore responds, “ he was just stopping by. He saw a lamp that he thought I'd might like and he bought it by”. Later in Moore testimony, Petrocelli ask Ms Moore “ do you still have the lamp? The lamp Mr. King kindly bought for you?”. Dorothy Moore answers “it broke” (210). This means Dorothy Moore doesn't have the lamp King gave her so there is no way of proving that she is telling the truth about King bringing her a lamp and being at her

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