Morgan Blunier: The Man Who Changed My Life

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Imagine your life was as close to perfect as it could’ve gotten. You had good grades that you are proud of, you had your small family, and you were like a normal kid. Then the feeling of being normal just disappears one day. Well, that’s how I felt when Morgan Blunier entered my live. She is a crazy one, that Morgan. When she has an idea, you better say your farewells because you never know what might happen. Her idea of fun is walking on top of falling-in roofs, driving gators through muddy ditches, trying to shoot birds with a kids bow and arrow, and trying to make our own torches drenched in wasp raid. Very few of our ideas are smart and if our parents knew what we were doing at the time, we would be in an enormous amount of trouble. You see, my life has changed so much in the past few years that we are starting to think alike and have the same crazy and reckless ideas. We have many funny stories to tell our summers together, and one of my favorite ones was on a rainy day last spring. We were driving our gator through the mud, and we drove into a ditch on the side of the road (luckily we live out in the middle of nowhere so not many cars were …show more content…

Just to add on to our anger, my mom and my sister drove by on their way home from IGA and stopped to take pictures! After my mom and my sister were satisfied with their pictures, they drove away, leaving us with a stuck gator that wouldn’t budge, and our own sour attitudes. With the determination to go into the dry, warm house and put on dry, clean clothes was enough to give us the strength to get the gator out of that horrid ditch. We learned a good lesson that day, even though at the time we thought this stupid gator would be sitting is that ditch for a while, or until Morgan 's dad came home from work. Although we were very angry at the time, we look back at it now and start laughing like

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