Much Ado About Nothing Benedick Relationship

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Jane Greene once said “I think the greatest gifts we can give each other are the gifts of kindness and communication.” Kindness and communication are two important things in a healthy relationship. In William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick and Beatrice have a healthier relationship than Claudio and Hero because they communicate, they trust each other, and they respect each other. One reason Benedick and Beatrice have a healthier relationship is because they communicate. From time to time, they check up on each other and see how the other is doing. They will send someone to retrieve the other, and they will make sure the other is doing okay. Also, they tease each other in a playful way, and they get to know each other before declaring their love. Claudio and Hero do not communicate well. Before speaking to Hero, Claudio declares his love for her, and then does not even tell her himself. He has other people do it for him. Also, before shaming Hero in front …show more content…

They see each other as equal human beings and Benedick does not look down on Beatrice. When Beatrice says she wants to kill Claudio, Benedick does not tell her that she is crazy or stupid for wanting that. If Claudio truly respects Hero, then he would not shame her at their wedding. When he shames Hero, Claudio also makes it seem as though he thinks that he is better than her. He speaks with arrogance, and, figuratively, he buries her dignity into the ground by publicly accusing her of things that she has not done. Healthy relationships require trust, respect, and communication. In Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, Benedick and Beatrice have a healthier relationship in comparison to Claudio and Hero. Whether a relationship is romantic or not, they can still be healthy or unhealthy. What other qualities are important in a healthy

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