My Second Dress Maya Angelou Analysis

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Maya Angelou certainly has experience when it comes to giving others a second chance and her statement is proof of the knowledge she possesses from these events. It is often excessively simple to accept the cards that are dealt and become bitter with the reading thereof. A second chances are not always a gift received, sometimes it is a price demanded. The forgiveness that a person awards to his fellow man is often the fee for a joyful heart and a peaceful soul. But is it not worth it in the end?

It is true that people can not always be on the receiving end of life and must return the grace they have received. When a man suffers mistreatment, he often desires requital and not rest, forgetting the times when he also stood in need of mercy. He seeks to avenge himself instead of letting go of his anger. This results in the development of a festering egotistical sore rather …show more content…

There are a select few who take pleasure in sadism of both physical and mental configuration. This is where the health of oneself comes into play. The choice whether or not to gift these oppressors with another opportunity is never an easy one but the obstination of clemency is hardly worth the lightness of heart felt when the dark cloud of indignation is lifted. A man will never regret giving something that does not cost him at all, especially when he is the one to gain peace. Still, doubt lingers in the mind, acting like salt in a wound. The possibility that one could be handing his attacker with the implementations to harm him once more is never a pleasant thought. The pain already felt seems sufficient enough and there is no need to accept oneself to more humiliation. But, one day, the plaintiff may become the defendant and he too will find himself in need of mercy. So, give grace to others and always forgive, whether for yourself or for others. This is the price of life in all of its

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