Nancy Bowllan Summary

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Bowllan, N. (2011). Implementation and Evaluation of a Comprehensive, School-Wide Bullying Prevention Program in an Urban/ Suburban Middle School. Journal of School Health 18(4), 167-173. After reading Nancy Bowllan’s (2011) article, I would stay that it does meet the qualifications set in chapter 22. The article gives a thorough literature review after discussing the problem that prompted the experiment. The literature review, though brief, gives a general overview of what bullying has done, and then goes into more specific reviews. After this, Bowllan (2011) discusses her purpose and then goes into her research question. I would say that the research question is something that is possible to research. The concept of researching bullying trends …show more content…

Bowllans (2011) goes into details about the questionnaires, giving all of the details of the OBVQ and what it entails, such as how many questions and the subjects that the questions would touch on. Bowllans (2011) was also discusses the way the Teacher Questionnaire worked and how valid these tests were. Following the discussion of the subjects and the research tools, Bowllans (2011) goes into the procedures she used. Here, the article is very detailed. Bowllans (2011) discusses how the research project required that the classrooms be intact. From there, she discusses the quasi experimental design of the project and how the “cohorts” would have multiple functions in the project. From there, Bowllans (20110 discusses how the research was actually enacted in the classroom. This is one of the reasons why I believe the article was well done; because of the detailed descriptions of how the questionnaires were administered. Due to the detailed nature of the procedures section, this part of the research could be duplicated if someone wanted to see if they would get the same

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