Nmc Code Of Conduct In Nursing

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Throughout the years, the nursing profession has transformed considerably. With the quality of care always being the main concern; The Nursing and Midwifery Council was established in 2002 by parliament to ensure both the public and nurses/midwives are protected, whilst offering high quality care for every patient [Karen Wild,2014,p.27]. In order to qualify as a nurse/midwife; each individual must agree to follow the NMC Code of conduct throughout their entire career. Therefore, they have a responsibility to perform the professional requirements issued for practice and ethical behaviour. This relates to the care practitioners provide, as most importantly safety should be sustained. As well as, promoting trust, professionalism and delivering…show more content…
This is because the practitioner may become bias, which can distort their ability to abide to the NMC standards [NMC, 2015, p.7]. Therefore, to achieve effectiveness in practice; nurses/midwives must evaluate what’s required and help the patient by suggesting preventative measures or recommending care to restore good health/mind-set. Additionally, results of assessments will correspond to whether treatment should be available and/or what information is advised. All should be communicated clearly and quickly; with records and reports on treatment and care being accurate. In connection with the code, the NMC (2015) states, “Keep clear and accurate records relevant to your practice”. Practitioners are expected to do this promptly to ensure all crucial details are included and mistakes are prevented [NMC, 2015, p.9]. Evidently, nurses/midwives can certify they are adhering to the code by confirming that their patients care and medication are always recorded, for instance. Overall, to understand if effectiveness is followed correctly in practice; one of the key skills is having the ability to multitask. This includes being capable of planning/ communicating needs; sharing relevant information and raising concerns/recommendations; since it accomplishes…show more content…
It is important to understand that there are attitudes and behaviours put in place by the code; in which should be delivered towards patients to continue displaying the professional principles of nursing. For example, attitudes such as commitment and pride respond to being a professional worker since it demonstrates to others high-quality care that they can rely on. [Freidson (1970, cited in Margaret M.Moloney, 1992, p7]. This means that failing to adhere to the code is poor practice and a lack of professionalism; implying how crucial it is to acquire a respectable understanding of what’s right and wrong. This relates to the code where the NMC (2015) states, “uphold the reputation of your profession at all times”. By acknowledging what is expected; practitioners can act as role models of professional behaviour and educate others in their field [NMC, 2015,

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