Nursing Leadership Competency Paper

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According to Wong (2015) the implications of leadership practice are suggestive of patient outcomes and:
“ It is pivotal in creating working conditions that optimize nursing practice promoting high-quality patient care. Professional work environments that foster strong nursing practice include collaborative teamwork, autonomous decision making, professional development, adequate staffing and skill mix which are most closely aligned with patient safety outcomes” (p. 277)
Both leaders and staff create the environment in which patient’s dwell. However, nursing leaders must have a vision, problems solving capability, and the ability to build relationships to establish a safe patient organization. Transformational leadership can help these leaders foster a high-quality patient-care environment. Nurse leaders must also be able to engage and empower staff to incorporate a …show more content…

According to the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (n.d), the Health Leadership Competency Model is comprised of three domains: transformation, execution, and people. Following the Health Leadership Competency Model, a nurse leader can meet the challenges of navigating through the complex diversity of today's’ ever-changing health care environment.
Competencies are necessary for nurse leader to provide a framework for documentation assure performance, and encourage continued development/training of staff. By establishing staff competencies, it can also help improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency (Zawawi, Nasurdin, 2015). However, without vision and a goal, competencies become just a list; this is why it is important to develop transformational leaders. “Leadership is not simply a set of skills [and competencies], but a whole discipline” (Marshall, Broome, 2017, p.

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