The Key Role Of Leadership In The Healthcare Organization

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Introduction The most complex and dynamic organizations to control and to manage are the healthcare organizations. The nature and the structure of the healthcare organizations necessitate the managers to provide both the leadership controls and the management of powers to all the stakeholders in the field (Kelly 2011). Indeed, the constraints and the scope of the roles and tasks carried out to provide efficient services to the general public are so diverse that a single staff can’t operate on their own without the help of the other individuals. For proper functionality of the organizations in the health sector, coordination and the management of powers is crucial as it ensures the objectives of the firm are achieved. Power management entails making the staffs aware of their roles and responsibilities to handle them diligently. For instance, a director …show more content…

The trust will later increase to both the intrinsic and the extrinsic motivations to me as the nurse executive and to the other employees in the SLMC health care organization. The primary essence of this theory is to transform the management skills of every staff in the firm through the inspirational and charismatic personalities of the strategic level manager. The key role of a nurse executive in the SLMC is to advance the discipline of nursing through creating an enduring connection with all the staffs and fostering the stewardship and the progress of the healthcare organization (Stolley, Watson 2012). The theory will assist me to stand out as the role model for many employees in achieving and working towards the mission and the vision of SLMC health care organization. Every staff in his position will accept his role and work towards value

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