Obedience Depicted In The Milgram's Film

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The Milgram’s experiment film, is a social obedience and human interaction with authority figures and conformity. The experiment involved placing an individual in a situation in which they would be forced to choose either to obey or disobey commands given by an authoritative person that were contrary to their own morals. The prisoners were to remain unnamed and only referred to themselves and others by their ID number. As an additional for shaving their heads, the prisoners were forced to wear a stocking cap. The film was very sad and emotional to watch how these people/ student actors was treated and how could they do a such thing like this. It’s like they didn’t care what was going on, and that the guards were just told to do their …show more content…

The guards were treating them like they were animals, it was sickening. One of the male students that was experiencing, said that it was either this or another job that he refuses to do. Obedience is complying with someone’s wish or demand of having their own power to not listen to authority. Often in life were faced with a decision whether to obey or disobey. Some people disobey authority because they feel like they’re in a situation to where you’re not in charge of them or just because you do what someone says your this or that. People justify their behavior by assigning responsibility to the authority rather than themselves. So in conclusion the Milgram prison experience was to show the effects of perceived power of focusing on the struggle between prisoners and prison guards and how the students reaction on their experiment going in the prison and being disobeying and obeying authority well not all of them well never mind yes all of them. Till today there are still crimes like this that’s going on inside the prison cell and that they’re hiding what’s going on. They also have no chose but to obey authority or they would be beaten or put in a whole/box by the guards. I just hope nothing like this happen to somebody

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