Observation In Mrs. Terrett's Classroom

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1) One of the most important things that I noticed in Mrs. Terrett’s classroom that demonstrates an environment of respect and rapport is that she expresses high expectations for learning. The students exhibited respect for their teacher by quietly listening and following her instructions, and Mrs. Terrett checked on each student with care and attention. To assist the students who needed help or those who were making noise, Mrs. Terrett would simply talk to them quietly at their desk to show them respect and avoid embarrassing them in front of the class.
2) One of the routines that Mrs. Terret has incorporated into the beginning of each class is having the students write their math homework assignment in their school planners. As the students …show more content…

Terrett told the class that she would give good behavior tickets to students who got the answers to questions 7 & 8 right. One of the students, Wyatt asked Mrs. Terrett how many tickets she would have to give out if the whole class got both answers right. Mrs. Terrett responded by turning the question into a teaching moment. She asked the students if there are 27 students in this classroom and everyone earned 2 tickets each, how many tickets would she have to give out?
10) The following instructional strategies used in the properties of multiplication lesson:
• Modeling- The teacher wrote on the board what she wanted the students to write in their math journals. This was appropriate for third graders to help them develop note taking skills.
• Arrays- The teacher drew various arrays on the board to demonstrate how to solve the mathematical sentences. This is a strategy that is used in teaching elementary math to give students a deeper understanding of multiplication.
• Independent practice- Students were given several different problems to solve on their own. Students at this age should be able to work independently.
• Direct instruction- The teacher presented the new material in small steps that were consistent with previous knowledge and ability

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