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Purpose: The purpose of the experiment was to understand how strong a bessbug by using weights and observing the time the best bug takes to travel to a certain distance. Background Information: The horned Passalus; also known as the Bess Beetle, is widely known beetle that is easily recognized. The Bessbug is a shiny black insect with a hard shell. The bess beetle lives in damp rotten wood, which also serves as their source of food. Bess beetles can lift up to 100 times its weight. There are nearly 500 species of beetles in the family Passalidae. The Bessbugs are found in Eastern and south-central North America. The Bessbug Beetle ranges from 1.2 inches to 1.6 inches. The main body is broken into three sections. There is the abdomen, thorax, …show more content…

The bessbug weighed 1.76 grams. The bessbug and the tin combined weighed a total of 2.94 grams. The bess bug took a total of 1 minute and 42 seconds to reach 6 centimeters without any weights. The bessbug took a total of 3 minutes and 29 seconds to reach a distance of 6 cm with five weights on it. The bees bug took a total of 4 minutes and 7 seconds to reach centimeters with 8 weights. The bessbug took 5 minutes and 47 seconds to reach 6 cm with 10 weights. The weights have mass of 3.12 g, 3.23 g, 3.15 g, and 3.11 g. The mass of the ten weights were 31.46 grams. The bess bugs have six legs The bessbug is black. The bessbug walked slowly while carrying the weights. The bessbug did not move that much. In the beginning of the lab, it was hard to get the bessbug to move. The bessbug eats rotten wood. The eyes of the bessbug were beady The antennas were sticking out of the bessbug. The bessbug had furry antennas The shell of the bessbug was hard The bessbug had a thorax, abdomen, and head. When the bessbug did not have weights on, it moved fast. The bessbug tried as hard as it could (at times) to get onto the lab table surface and get off the carpet squares. Data: Quantitative Data Qualitative …show more content…

The bessbug was able to carry 6 weights which has the mass of 18.85 grams, while ten times the mass of a bessbug is 17.6 grams. The maximum amount of weights the bessbug was able to pull was 10 weights which is equal to 31.46 grams. The data shows the strength of the bessbug and how much the bessbug is able to carry in all. The data occurred because the capacity of the bessbug allows the bessbug to carry 10 weights. The data supports the hypothesis because the bessbug was able to lift ten times the weight of the bessbug which is 17.6 grams, and much more because the total amount the bessbug was able to pull was 31.46 grams. The knowledge acquired from this experiment teaches that a bessbug is capable of pulling much more than 10 times the weight of a bessbug. If the group were to repeat this experiment and change that would be made would be with collecting more data, that is more accurate, with a greater range. The changes could be done through multiple timers, experimenting with more weights on the bessbug, to test the capacity even more. Also, experimenting with multiple bessbugs instead of one bessbug, and having the bug go to multiple distances will make the range in data more minded and

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