Obstacles Of Intelligence In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

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Obstacles of Intelligence The definition of intelligence is “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” Chaim Potok has created many incredibly intelligent characters in his novel The Chosen. These characters have many trials they must overcome. Some must overcome sickness, or possible overcome losing a dear friend, even one may be helpless to what his father wants. Nevertheless, they overcome these obstacles. There are three specific characters that demonstration brilliant intelligence; David Malter, Reuven, and Danny. David Malter is known for his intelligence. He is a teacher, writer, and often speaks at various rallies. Overall he seems to be a role model for many who see him and hear his words. But he is a busy man and thinks that if he works hard enough he will gain access into heaven. This results in his health dwindling due to that lack of sleep. He works day and night prepping for different events that will occur. “I saw my father only on Shabbat. He was gone in the mornings when I woke and he returned at night when I was asleep. He was filled with fiery excitement, but it was clear he was wearing himself out” (Page 236). In the end, although it seems his work is wearing him down he also seems to enjoy it toughly. Like his father Reuven contains a vast amount of …show more content…

In fact, they often study more than the average student. Anton Chekhov once said, “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” Intelligence does not come naturally I it is molded by many things. David Malter, Reuven, and Danny work time and day studying and from what the book The Chosen says. In addition, they do not get easily distracted. This is because they love their work and the feeling the get when they complete it. They have a passion for learning. Often one thinks of learning of a burden that takes time away from pleasurable things but in the right mindset learning would be

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