Odysseus Is An Epic Hero Essay

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Odysseus is truly an epic hero, he has many different perils and dangers that he must face. He is a Greek soldier who fought in the Trojan War and is trying to return home. Some of the gods and goddesses are on his side, however, some are not on his side. He was stranded for ten years before he could finally go back to his family, and home on Ithaca. Odysseus is an epic hero because of his physical strength, his mental sharpness, and his cunning ability to always get out alive.
Odysseus was one of the strongest and most talented individuals to ever walk on Ithaca. He faced some of his challenges by using brute strength. However, some of his challenges he faces with great skill and agility. “But the man skilled in all ways of contending,/ …show more content…

He built his bed into a tree stump and it was almost impossible to steal. “An old trunk of olive grew like a pillar on the building plot, and I laid out our bedroom round that tree, lined up the stone walls, built the walls and roof, gave it a doorway and smooth-fitting doors. Then I lopped off the silvery leaves and branches,/ hewed and shaped that shaped that stump from the roots up/ into a bedpost, drilled it, let it serve/ as model for the rest.” (1164; bk. 23, lines 45-48). Odysseus was a master builder and build most of his home himself. “While he had arrows he aimed and shot, and every shot brought down /one of his huddling enemies./ But when all barbs had flown from the bowman’s fist, he leaned his bow in the bright entry way/ beside the door, and armed: a four-ply shield/ hard on his shoulder” (1160; bk. 22, lines 119-124). Odysseus was a great warrior and proved himself in battle countless times, by using strength and also his smarts.
Odysseus used his craftiness to his advantage many times throughout the Odyssey. He always thought ahead and though outside the box to get through difficult situations. “Nohbdy, Nohbdy’s tricked me, Nohbdy’s ruined me!” (1119; bk. 9, line 17). Odysseus told the cyclops that his

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