Odysseus The Lost Hero

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The Lost Hero(Leader) To live for a reason, is to life for a purpose. A purpose that can alter the chance of life. A purpose can drive a person to be the best they can be, to never give up, and to strive for the best. Shouldn’t leaders represent strength, great power, invincibility? Than why isn’t Odysseus a good leader? Odysseus is a good leader. As a true king, Odysseus demonstrates sacrifice as well as honor to his faithful companions. He also exhibits determination to continue the everlasting journey to return home. Now, some may call him a foolish, selfish, and unethical man who does not deserve the title of a leader, much less a king. People say, Odysseus lacks the ethnicity or lacking the common leadership skills. It is said that Odysseus was also very dishonest. In the end, yes no leader is perfect, but the best is Odysseus. Wouldn’t you give up anything and everything to save your family? A man like Odysseus has much to offer, but even he will offer the greatest sacrifice to save his family. “I alone was to hear their voices, so she said, but you must bind me with tight chafing ropes so I cannot move a muscle, bound to the spot, erect at the …show more content…

Odysseus lacked leadership skills when they were planning for revenge on the Cicones, from The Odyssey Book 9 Pg. 212-213. Odysseus ended up using his creativity and cleverness to escape and leave the Cicones, from The Odyssey Pg. 278-279 (P. 264-270). Odysseus was dishonest and didn’t inform his men that 6 of them were going to be eaten up by Scylla. If Odysseus told his men that 6 of them were going to die, they certainly would have started a mutiny against Odysseus and abandon their voyage, like they’ve done so in the past. Odysseus is a great leader who demonstrates the greatness of sacrifice, the love of being honorable, and the gifts for being

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