Oedipus The King Analysis

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Oedipus the King was a widely acknowledged Greek tragedy, which was derived from Greek mythology. As people know, Oedipus killed his father and married his mother, which was a shocking tragedy. Knowing the content of this tragedy, a number of people were dying to find the cause of Oedipus’s unhappy ending; nevertheless, there are merely a few sorts of theories that explain this tragedy. Generally, it can be divided into two kinds, which attributed the unhappy ending to Fate and to Free Will. On one hand, most people hold the belief that this masterpiece implies the contradiction between God and human; furthermore, it is human who aspired changes of his unchangeable fate that causes the horrible and sad ending. They affirmed that everyone’s fate was pre-determined and unchangeable so that it was wiser to accept the fate than to fight against it. It seemed that no matter how hard Oedipus aspired the conversion of his fate, the ending were about to be the same. On the other hand, a number of people focus on Oedipus’s character like impulse; they attribute Oedipus’s unhappy ending to his murdering King Laius out of impulse. The interpretations above are reasonable to some extent; nevertheless, both of them neglect the function of Creon. Frank to say, I am on Oedipus’s side that Creon was secretly organizing a coup. By chance, I acknowledged a theory which talked about a reinterpretation of Oedipus the king. It was Creon who caused Oedipus’s unhappy ending. Convinced by that

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