Of Mice And Men American Dream Analysis

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Imagine living back in the time during the Great Depression, unemployment rates were skyrocketing and the stock market was toast. The Dust Bowl ruined so many things that everybody is struggling in this hard hard time in American history. In the book Of Mice and Men. By John Steinbeck he showed many different types of struggles during this time, such as racism, disabilities, and the impossibility to the American Dream. In the book their is a black stable buck named Crooks. Crooks is forced to live out in the barn with nobody else, because nobody wants to live with him. On christmas one year everybody working on the ranch got really drunk and decided to beat Crooks up just because they could. Another time when George and Lennie were late for their first day of work, “the boss gives him hell when he’s mad”(20). He literally just let his anger out on him because he is black, and different from everybody else. One time Curley’s wife came out to the barn to talk to Lennie, but instead she yelled at Crooks “listen nigger I could have you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny”(81). Crooks did not do anything to her, but she just decided to threaten his life anyway. Nobody else on the ranch was treated the way …show more content…

He also killed a baby puppy while he was petting it because he got to excited and crushed it on accident, and that is also what happened with Curley's wife. She was flirting around with Lennie even though she was not supposed to, she told Lennie to touch her very soft hair. While he was touching her hair she was weirded out and she started to panic. So Lennie started to panic, he shook her around for a short time “then she was still, for Lennie had broken her neck” (91). Lennie does not realize how strong he actually; therefore, he gets himself into a lot of trouble that he does not mean to

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