Of Mice And Men Belonging Quotes

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“The desire to belong is in every mind.” ― Debasish Mridha In the novel of mice and men written by John Steinbeck most of the character desire and want to belong and have someone who cares .the main characters George Milton and Lennie small are two migrant workers who in the book are the examples belonging and having someone that 's there for them.once the two meet candy, crooks, and Curley 's wife who don 't desire to belong and for someone.the theme of the novel is that whatever the race, age, gender, etc everyone needs and wants to belong and a friend like some of the workers. one of the worker that wants to belong and a friend is candy an old man with one hand that is a swamper. He had a someone but that a fellow worker Carlson was about to kill his div. Candy didn 't want him to do it. He says “No, I couldn 't do that. I had I 'm too …show more content…

Curley 's wife is what the workers call a tart is also one of the characters who think they have a somewhere to belong but they really don 't or someone. candy says “well I think Curley married …. a tart,” the worker thinks she a tart so when she tries to get their attention to talk to them they ignore her. Because of that, she is sad that she has no one to talk to. But one day Lennie was in the barn with a dead puppy and she tries to talk but she keeps telling her she 's no good. start talk and she ask “don 't know why I can 't talk to you. I ain 't doing no harm.”(88) in the quote, she is frustrated about why people don 't talk to her. This show that she doesn 't like being ignored and wants someone so she can talk about the things she could have become. This book shows how people all want to belong and have a friend always there. Candy, crooks and Curley 's wife demonstrate how a belonging place for them is not what it seems like to other people and how it 's difficult for anyone to live life with a friend or a place to belong. Because of that people should respect the people around them because people have place

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