Of Mice And Men Quote Analysis

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Of Mice and Men is an exciting book written by John Steinbeck, first published in 1937. The story is set during the Great Depression and follows two migrant workers, George and Lennie, as they travel through California in search of work. John Steinbeck utilizes symbolism, imagery, foreshadowing, and repetition to compare how Lennie and George are motivated by their dreams to show how powerful a dream can be even if the dream is unattainable.

Steinbeck uses symbolism to show just how powerful having a goal can be in a character's life. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck utilizes Lennie and George’s dream of owning a farm to represent how a goal can impact a group of people. Early in the novel it is made clear to the reader the dream farm is a huge motivation for Lennie and George when …show more content…

One specific quote that Lisca says is “Steinbeck has carefully used the symbols in Of Mice and Men to reveal a profound comment on the nature of human existence and the human predicament." This quote suggests that Steinbeck used symbols throughout the book to serve a deeper purpose either than just helping move the story forward. According to Lisca , Steinbeck is using symbolism to explore fundamental questions about humanity. Lisca also explores the hardships Lennie and George face as migrant workers during the Great depression. He implies that the Dream Farm as a symbol of the American Dream and it serves almost like a paradise that Lennie and George can imagine when they are faced with the harsh realities of this world. Even if it never comes true it still fills them with happiness and a sense of comfort. Peter Lisca’s analysis suggests that Steinbeck's use of symbols in “Of Mice and Men” is essential to the novel and helps give the article a deeper

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