One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Chapter Summaries

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Ted Issac 's is sorting artifacts from the Folsom floor when Leaphorn introduces himself and tells him that the police department are searching for two boys. Issac tells him that he used to see them around the dig site, but they never stole or caused any trouble. In chapter five, Leaphorn stakes out Jason Fleece. When he went into the commune and notices that other people are living in Madman 's hogan. This is because his wife died and it was tradition to knock a hole in the wall so that the spirit of whoever died con come and go as they wish. Leaphorn approaches on of the people entering the hogan, Susanne. She is nervous when she talks to Leaphorn, but tells him that he most likely isn 't missing, he 's just ditching school. Otis talks

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