Overconfirmatory Bias

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Garb and Boyle (?) analyzed why it can be challenging to attain knowledge from clinical experience and as well reviewed the value of research concerning clinical experience and clinical training. They also touched base on research regarding cognitive processes, comments about the feedback clinicians receive, and made recommendations about improving clinical practices. Clinicians that have had experience in a clinical aspect have been thought to be more valid and factual. A lot of research has supported clinical experience. Though Garb et al. (?) informed readers that, “narrative reviews of clinical judgement have concluded that when clinicians are given identical sets of information, experienced clinicians are no more accurate than less experienced …show more content…

All of theses factors are either cognitive or environmental influences that can have a negative impact on clinical care. Biases are described as preconceptions and assumptions that can influence the clinician’s explanation of data. Confirmatory bias, overconfidence bias, and bias to perceive psychopathology fall under the definition of bias. Garb et al. (?) stated, “ confirmatory bias occurs when clinicians knowingly or unknowingly review patient information that can support but not counter their initial hypotheses” (p.28). When confirmatory bias is involved it can create inaccurate judgement. As well it can lead to overconfidence bias. Overconfidence can give a clinician the feeling that their judgement is more accurate than a clinician with no clinical experience. A clinician dealing with a patient of another ethnicity may over psychopathologize by considering a certain diagnosis over another …show more content…

(?) and responding to the assigned question I have been persuaded by the authors that clinical experience can cause difficulties for therapists. While it is always great to have experience and get that hands on knowledge, sometimes it is better to go in with a clean slate. Biases can easily be made with past experience for a therapist. As well some remembering and misremembering past information can alter current situations. Inadequate feedback can really lead clients to a misdiagnosis and false events. Garb et al. (?) did a great job of explaining and providing information why it can be difficult for therapists to learn from their own clinical

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