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My aunt, Pam Boeckenstedt, thinks of herself as an ordinary nurse in an ordinary hospital doing her job. Although many people might take her for granted, a lot more are grateful. Making a difference in her job and her constant devotion to her job is what makes Pam stand out from other nurses. First, she says her patients are challenging, but she tries as hard as she can to get the help they need. Secondly, she has compassion for her patients when she leaves the hospital when a patient has to stay. Reported by researchers who studied heroism, “People who have heroic tendencies also have a higher degree of empathy” (Cherry). Her commitment to her job, people, and their well-being is what makes Pam a genuine hero.
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However, it’s the nurses that face several risks. The dangers range from sickness to violent people to just plain fatigue. The first hazard of working in a hospital, is the sickness that gets passed around. She tells me you have to be careful around the ill people and not to become sick yourself. The next jeopardy, is working with unsafe patients and their disruptive behaviour. The editor of a medical journal explains, “No matter where you’re nursing you will come across “disruptive behavior” even if it’s a rude comment, sarcastic or snarky sayings, or hostile emotions” (O’Donnell). Pam says, “Patients will occasionally become mad at you, especially when they don’t want to be there.” They can be drunk or on drugs so she has to be careful since she’s even been hit before. Many Nurses must work in dangerous conditions. According to Ms. Karen Coughlin, a psychiatric nurse, she has been abused by a few patients and one even pulled a knife on her. In spite of those hazardous occasions she still loves what she does (Tuller). The last problem that can happen in the hospital, is the fatigue some can receive while working too late. A Pennsylvania health care facility state 's, “Most nurses are supposed to obey the 5-9 work hours, but usually leave work when most employees are just starting their morning job. Diving in the dark when they are tired could lead to a horrible car accident (Snyder). Pam never wants to leave the hospital to help her patients, but knows she has to, so she doesn’t put herself in

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