Part Time Indian Good Vs Evil

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Since the beginning of the world, everyone has their own point of view on the battle between good and evil. Since these two are opposite behaviors, good and evil must have nothing in common, right? I believe that evil is only evil by the way someone perceives it to be. For example, let 's say a man robbed a woman 's purse ; to that guy who stole the purse, it 's probably the only way to get enough money to stay, but to the woman she just lost the money she had earned. Now to the woman, the man was bad, but to the man, he is just trying to survive. The self consciousness, humanity, and kindness reveal that humans are essentially good but evil things are start from it.

In the novel, Night by Elie Wiesel, Eliezer had to try to survive the holocaust with his father against the cruel SS soldiers. In the first concentration camp, Auschwitz, Eliezer 's father was asking to getting so respect from the soldiers. “The Gypsy stared at him for a long time, from head to toe. As if he wished to ascertain that the person addressing him was actually a …show more content…

Alcohol and Stereotypes keep native Americans in the reservations just like Junior 's family, in the novel, Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. Before Junior transferred to Reardan High School, he got suspended from school and his teacher, Mr P., came to his house, “ 'And you’re a bright and shining star, too, ' he said. 'You’re the smartest kid in the school. And I don’t want you to fail. I don’t want you to fade away. You deserve better.”I didn’t feel smart. 'I want you to say it, ' Mr. P said. 'Say what? ' 'I want you to say that you deserve better. ' I couldn’t say it. It wasn’t true. I mean, I wanted to have it better, but I didn’t deserve it. ' I was the kid who threw books at teachers." (61-62 of 366, Alexie). I believe that substance-abuse is physically and mentally he harmful to others; in juniors case It was fatal. But the fact that he overcame this struggle proven that good

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