Dorothy Penelope And The Suitor Analysis

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Search for the King of Ithaca
Greeks have had a massive influence on the modern world and created some of the world 's most recognized pieces of literature. Their stories demonstrated human nature and other things regarding the world. An example of such works would be Penelope by Homer. Penelope was about the wife of Odysseus who was left behind while he went to war for 10 years. It also took him 10 years to return which totaled 20 years without Odysseus or even hearing about him. Throughout the time of his absence, the suitors were trying to convince Penelope to remarry someone else because they all imagined Odysseus would never return. Penelope had to cope without her husband and refuse and suitor from marrying her. While she was waiting she had to do housework and many things to pass time and refuse choosing a suitor. Penelope did so for the 20 years of Odysseus’ absence and was angered of the thought of people calling Odysseus brave and not her because she was being brave in a more subtle manner than Odysseus. She had to wait and not give up hope because she was so faithful. This story inspired a poem called “Penelope” by Dorothy Parker and Penelope and the Suitors by John William Waterhouse.
In “Penelope”, Dorothy Parker uses imagery, metaphors, and allusion to demonstrate how Odysseus was …show more content…

She is seen with a worried and panicked expression as if she is worried about Odysseus returning on time. The amount of thread Penelope has left to weave is a sign the Penelope is taking her time and really stretching it out in order to refuse choosing a suitor. The suitors to the right of the painting show how they are pushing her to remarry but Penelope is not choosing a suitor and is procrastinating. All these factors demonstrate a procrastinative theme in the

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