Pericles And The Acropolis Essay

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Task 1 - Place Pericles and the rebuilding of the Acropolis in context explain the following. Who was Pericles, his background, political/military training, family situation, and aims for Athenian society. Birth and Death Pericles was born in Halorgos, Greece around 495BC and he died around 429BC in Athens. Pericles was one of the most influential Greek orator, statesman and general of Athens during the Golden Age – in between the Persian and Peloponnesian wars. Family Pericles family had found wealth and nobility, his mother was an heiresses and his father was an extremely successful politician early on in the 5th century. The wealth from his family allowed Pericles to pursue his education Early year Pericles was a young man who didn’t like to take part in public speeches and appearances. So instead of public speaking he would focus more on his studies. His consort, Aspasia would help him speak well and write his speeches. In Ancient Greece, it was humiliating for a man to claim that a women had helped them to be more successful. Family His family background was compiled wealth and …show more content…

Architect(s): The architect on this building was Mnesikles. Temple of Athena Nike Building information: It was built in roughly 420BC and was the earliest temple that was fully Ionic on the Acropolis. It is located on the southwestern corner of the Acropolis and to the right of the Propylaea. The temple was an open sanctuary which could be entered from both the Propylaea’s southwest wing and a narrow staircase to the north. Because this was built on a high point the sheer walls were protected from the north, west and south by the Nike Parapet Aim: This sanctuary was an open temple and was used as a worship temple for Athena’s patroness and victory. (In Greek, “Nike” means victory.) Architect(s): This temple was designed by the architect Kallicrates. Temple of Athena Nike (built around

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