Perseus Greek Hero

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Being a Mythological hero is stressful. Always having to go on dangerous quests and save other people's lives. The hero has to show how clever they are while under everyone's microscope. They do all this will trying to hide their flaw; even though in mythology it seems someone always knows. Perseus holds the qualities of going to a journey, having flaws but also showing his cleverness.

Perseus goes on mini journeys while on his main quest. Perseus volunteers to retrieve the head on a snake-haired lady Medusa, for Polydectus. However " [no] man unaided could kill Medusa" (Hamilton 119). The fact the Perseus was willing to go and kill Medusa, although he knew the dangers that would be in front of him, was heroic. He is putting himself in …show more content…

Perseus went on a quest to kill a monster that no man could kill unaided. This was no different for Perseus. He was helped by Athena and Hermes. Hermes guided the hero through the whole journey. Before Perseus found the Gorgons he ran in to Hyperboreans. They were happy to host Perseus and Hermes. They even gave him three gifts; winged saddles, a wallet that fit anything, and a hat that made the wearer invisible. After slaying the sleeping Medusa. He woke up the other two Gorgons. Perseus ". . . had on the cap of darkness and they could not find him" (121). Perseus did not forget about the gifts he was given and their magical powers. He used the hat that made him invisible to sneak way without having to fight the two Gorgons that were immortal. He used his smarts to remember the gifts powers while on his quest. Perseus also used the two gods that were with him to help him conquer his quest. While he faced the Gorgons ". . . Athena guided his hand" (120) and he was able to cut Medusa's throat cleanly. Perseus was smart enough to trust in the gods that were helping him. He followed the tasks they told him to do; although, he did not have to. This is where he shows his smarts.

Being smart enough to get through his journey that was started because of his flaw is what Perseus a Greek Mythology hero. Perseus is clever because he uses the help and gifts he is given to help him during his quest. His flaw of pride causes him to put himself in dangerous acts. This pride sends him on a journey that has him face multiple

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