Personal Narrative: My Experience With Parallel Parking

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With parallel parking being my new favorite thing I was almost certain I was going to pass my road test. I waited in line for what seemed like hours, I watched as people took off, then came back within 5 minutes of their test time. As more and more people came back, failing, I was growing more and more concerned and worried about how I was going to do, and if I was going to pass. I went through it in my head a million times as I waited, I told myself over and over that I could do it, and that I was a good driver, but nothing could reassure me as I saw for what seemed like the 50th person come out of their cars upset, giving their parents the wheel. It was my turn, as my driving instructor got out of the car, he apologized and said, “i’m …show more content…

We turned once, and she had already told me to parallel park, I was ready. I adjusted my car to the car on the side of the road, I turned my wheel and started backing up. As i stopped to turn my wheel the other way, I was in such a hurry to finish the maneuver I only turned my wheel once the other way, continuing to back up, I glanced out of my mirror, realising I wasn’t turning at a sharp enough angle but it was too late, I backed up over the curb. The lady sighed and looked at me, she told me to do my three point turn from there, so I did, pulling from the curb and driving back to the starting point, I was now one of those people who failed their test within 5 minutes. I was so disappointed in myself. When I got home I starting thinking about what happened, how I could have messed up something that I found so easy and had done over 50 times before the test. Then I realized that in the beginning I was too confident, and as the time came closer and closer, I just wanted the test to be over. I grew anxious and started rushing myself. That day I learned a couple very important lessons. I learned not to beat myself up after making a mistake that hundreds of people have made. I also learned not to become overly confident in something, knowing that you’ll be scared when the time comes to act that situation out, if something is to go wrong, it’ll be

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