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I had a lot obstacle of education from a young age.
I was born in Colombia and Spanish was my first language. When I moved to Korea, I had to learn Korean and was behind of learning when I entered an elementary school. When I was in 7th grade which when I was able to perform well academically with the education, I moved to the United States.
The environment I grew up with was also a big factor of my academic history. I grew up in a family that prefers sons than daughters. I, as the only girl with three brothers, have had the responsibilities of chores from seventh grade of cooking, dish washing, cleaning, and doing the laundry. It was natural for me to do the chores as a girl and it was nearly impossible for me to receive compliments for what I did. Unconsciously, I tried to gain my mother’s favor by doing more house works and getting good grades, but I was never good enough. …show more content…

I was discriminated, teased, and treated wrong for being an Asian who did not speak English. When I was a ninth grade student, I was awarded from my high school for earning good grades. When I brought it back home and showed it to my parents, they did not know what it was and I found it in a recycle bin the next day. I started to lose my motive for studying and began to hate school. My grades dropped significantly for years. By the time I graduated high school, I had a negative outlook on life. I went to college and ended up not attending classes. I was tired of living a life that had no meaning to

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