Personal Statement About Education

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Growing up in a domestically disturbed house ending with divorced parents, there was little attention to what I was passionate for or talented at. Owing to my long school record of straight A’s, I was forced to join one of the prestigious faculties in my society, the faculty of Pharmacy. However, during my undergraduate years and the years that followed, I have shown a strong passion towards education, how to improve it and how to skillfully practice it. During my sophomore year, I designed an educational tool, called the ‘Phyto-Maze’, in which I introduced numerous medical herbs, their uses and their side effects in the form of an interactive game. Surprisingly, my fellow students enjoyed learning while playing. And I discovered my eagerness to reform the static methods of teaching. A year later, my pursuit to educate others extended to a poor slum in Cairo. I volunteered to teach young women how to make handcrafts in order to sell their products and help them achieve financial independency. I then realized how influential education could be. In my senior year, I self-studied about the elements of scientific thinking and co-founded the Eureka workshop to spread the knowledge. The workshop was given to the Community Service Team members to help …show more content…

Courses such as Teaching Adult Learners and Educational Psychology helped me deepen my understanding of my profession as a teacher. I also earned a degree at Liberal Arts, which provided me with an insight into the various reasons behind the flaws in our contemporary educational system. I finally worked as an English Teacher in a Montessori Preschool, where I learned how easy it is to be an instructor and how hard it is to be an educator; to bring about the normal development of a person. That was when I decided to pursue an advanced degree in

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