Persuasive Essay On The Great Gatsby

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The Ever Controlling Government The ban on alcohol is one of the most ironic things the government has done. Since the prohibition had passed alcohol has become cheaper which ironically is the antithesis of what the ban had hoped to achieve. With the decrease in price and the controversy around alcohol, liquor has revealed many interesting behaviours of the American public. Mr. Gatsby of West Egg and alcohol have a very particular relationship, not in the sense of abuse necessarily, but one of excess for certain. In fact Mr. Gatsby 's parties are an excellent example of alcohol’s role in America. Alcohol could either act as one of the two; a cohesive or a troublemaker. Here is how alcohol affects as a society and why the ban should have never passed in the first place. …show more content…

Gatsby hosts wild, grandiose, and extravagant parties for everyone’s amusement. Anyone and everyone is welcome to go and participate in such festivities. But a good party is never complete without drinks. Drinks bring people together in a way which is primitive but beautiful at the same time. On liquor, people abandon their self conscious and become an uncensored version of themselves, allowing minds to open and for people to come together. Mr. Gatsby goes out of his way to make sure that everyone is well lubricated with liquor and with the ironic price decrease there is more alcohol to go around. One fellow described Gatsby’s parties as an amusement park because everyone is doing as they please, enjoying time with each other, and also because of the chaotic/mingling nature of the party. However some people cannot handle the tight grip of anger that alcohol may induce on the mindset of a heavy drinker. In most situations we should value differences but as aforementioned; liquor lowers inhibitions and can cause tempers to malfunction, so these differences (while drastic or not) may cause the “Average Joe “ to turn into an “Enraged Richard” causing a scene of anger or

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