Peter The Great Dbq

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Many leaders throughout history have tried to gain as much power as they possibly could, not stopping until they had absolute power over an empire. This may even mean killing your own family and friends to obtain power. There has been few rulers who have been able to successfully rule as an autocrat and even fewer leaders being able to keep their entire empire on their side. If you proved to be an unsuccessful ruler, and the empire you are ruling does not like you, their is a good chance you will magically disappear leaving your family to wonder if you had really died of a “hemorrhoid”. As an autocrat, the goals the ruler will have is to expand the country 's borders, keep peace between the religions, and create new laws for the better (Document…show more content…
Peter the Great was born on May thirtieth, sixteen seventy-two in Moscow. Peter’s half brother, Ivan V was the one next in line to be tsar, but the government wanted Peter to be Tsar since Ivan V had a disease causing him to have seizures frequently. They became co-tsars after Feador had passed away. A rumor then spread that the Naryshkina family had killed Feador. This was Peter the Great’s family. Everyone, except Peter, was killed by being thrown off a balcony onto spears pointed up words while Peter was forced to watch. Considering the fact that the next eldest kid, Sophia, was a female, Peter and Ivan V became co-tsars with Sophia as their regent. After some time Peter and Ivan decided it was their time to rule on their own and without Sophia and they had the support of the people over Sophia. Peter then banned Sophia from the public and she became a nun for the rest of her life. Not long after Ivan V dies. Peter Romanov became the lone Tsar. By this time Peter the Great was a fully grown man and he stood at six feet, seven inches high (Warmes one and Russia: Land of the…show more content…
Peter the Great allied with Poland and Denmark (Document four). Peter and his army had Swedan outnumbered five to one, but he loses any way. Russia had used matchlocks for their fire arms and it was cold out during this battle. The matches would not ignite. Sweden had been using flintlocks for the battle so they weather would not be a factor for them. Russia decided to switch to Flintlocks and Peter the Great prescripts forty-five thousand people into the army(Russia: Land of the Tsars). Peter the Great, now with his upgraded army was able to make it to the Neva Delta in Sweden which gave him access to the Gulf of Finland. Peter had met a girl named Marfa Skavronskaya after he had captured Marienburg. Marfa “converted to Orthodoxy, taking the name Catherine” (Warmed four). Catherine calmed Peter down when he got mad, did his laundry, and had twelve kids with him. Peter the Great had secretly married Catherine and a couple of years later Peter had a public wedding making Catherine known as Tsaritsa (Warmes
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