Picnic At Hanging Rock Play Analysis

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Picnic at Hanging Rock is a play that is enriched with Australian culture, exploring many alternate morals in each scene. The section of a scene that has been selected for this dramatic treatment involves the four girls of Appleyard College: Miranda, Marion, Irma and Edith inspecting the Hanging Rock; this is until the three seniors suddenly disappear without a trace, where Edith is left in shock. Throughout this scene, Edith is bullied continually, which affects her emotionally. This small portion of the play is an essential component to the storyline, where multiple themes and messages are realised. However, these themes will be considered to a greater extent, where the investigation of the key subject matters of paranoia, mystery and bullying will take place. Selecting these themes can allow many aspects of a play to be revised and enhanced, such as the staging and the movements of the characters. Evidently, the main question that fuels this dramatic treatment states: How much paranoia and abnormality can occur before something takes a turn towards evil? This key piece of inquiry can allow the highlighted themes to be more extensive, which is formed by divulging into the elements and skills of drama.

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Therefore, contemporary theatre goers are able to completely realise the utter insanity of this scene through the exploration of the key themes. Essentially, the audience can understand the meaning of this excerpt through the utilization of the dramatic elements. This will, in consequence, gain the attention of contemporary society, forcing them to subconsciously ask themselves the decisive question of How much paranoia and abnormality can occur before something takes a turn towards

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