Piggy As A Victim Of Bullying In Lord Of The Flies

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Bullying is a harmful thing that nobody should be a victim or attacker of. In the book “Lord of the Flies” the main characters are Piggy, Jack, Simon, and Ralph. Piggy looks different than the other boys and has issues that affect his lifestyle. The articles “Bullying in Early Adolescence by Dorothy L. Espelage.” and “Online Identity by CommonLit Staff.” supports the idea that having the issues he has can cause bullying by other youth to make themselves feel better and for entertainment. As a result, Piggy is a victim of bullying in the book “Lord of the Flies” because the other boys physically hurt him, break his glasses, and make remarks referring to his body type just to entertain themselves.

The article “Online Identity” gives another way to express yourself anonymously, being able to hide behind things. When talking about online users it states they can have the “ opportunity to operate outside the constraints of social stigmatization.”(“Online Identity by CommonLit Staff.” CommonLit, Commonlit, 2014). This relates to “Lord of the Flies" when Jack puts the “mask” on his face and directly after begins the …show more content…

Also, relating to “ Lord of the Flies” when Piggy got called fatty, Ralph knew he didn’t want that. It says “Ralph giggled into the sand. The expression of pain and concentration returned to Piggy’s face.” This shows us another form of how Piggy got bullied because Ralph knew he didn't like that. However, it is proven teens seek acceptance and friends so they bully so they won't be alone. Therefore we can conclude some of the bullyings was done to have friends and bring Piggy down together as a

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