Poetry Analysis Of Robert Pack's To An Empty Page

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Muhammed Dahiru
AP Lit
Ms Mundy Castle
16 September 2014
Poetry analysis of Robert Pack 's To an Empty Page Robert Pack in the poem “To an Empty Page,” presents an enthralling story in which the reader sees the speaker’s innermost feelings as he debates if whether he should begin his life or not as he fears the challenges life has to offer. Pack’s use of rich imagery, symbolism, rhetorical questions and word choice of the echoes exclusively defines the poem, giving the reader an underlying message behind the sonnet. Rhetorical questioning is a dominating element in the poem. Pack initially set the mood of his literary piece through an emotional question. In the first line, he says, "How from emptiness can I make a start?" (Line 1) The tone of the persona is confused, devoid of hope, lonesome and almost desperate. It speaks of pessimism. This line gives the reader an overview of the persona 's character and how he handles the challenges of living. "Emptiness" is a lonely word and the speaker is trying to tell the readers that man is born with nothing that would make living a painful episode. His technique of throwing successive questions gives the readers an engaging experience and making them feel that they are conversing with the speaker. This techniques is very effective in establishing strong connection with them. He then echoes the last word of the first line "start" to emphasize the difficulty of such action and to prepare the readers for the succeeding lines. The

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