Polk County Court Case Study

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Polk County’s school system dates from the 1860’s, when Jacob Summerlin established the Summerlin Institute in Bartow, the seat of county government. In 1893, the Institute became the public school of Bartow then the leading education center of Polk County. South Florida Military Institute was founded in 1894 in temporary quarters by General Evander McIvor Law, a confederate veteran. Enrollment was statewide, and the school received partial funding and was brought into the state’s school program. Homeland’s School had one room, one teacher, nine grades, forty-nine pupils in 1905. Polk County residents wealthy leaders such as Jacob Summerlin peaked his interest into providing a decent education for his residents.In 1916, the population was estimated …show more content…

Boston was the first case to challenge segregation in public schools. 5 year old sarah roberts was barred from her local primary school because she wa black., and was forced to travel a great distance to get a school every morning. The case was heard by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on December. 4, 1849. The following April the court ruled that school segregation was constitutional. Plessy V. Ferguson.In 1890, Louisiana passed the Separate Car Act, which required whites and blacks to ride in separate train cars. In 1892, Homer Plessy was arrested for sitting in a “whites only” car. Plessy filed a lawsuit declaring that his constitutional rights had been violated. However, the US Supreme Court ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson that separate accommodations were constitutional as long as they were equal. This ruling gave federal backing to more than a half–century of race segregation in America. Yes, Governor Wallace stood in front of the entrance to a building on the campus of the University of Alabama, in order to prevent black students from being enrolled. Yes, white mobs jeered and attacked the first black college students to enroll in previously segregated southern colleges and universities. Worse, such mobs tried to impede enrollment of black youngsters in public school in various Northern cities, as well as in the

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