Pros And Cons Of B. O. R.

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B.O.R.? What is that?
The B.O.R., otherwise known as the Bill of Rights is a legal document that contains the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights is also a compromise. It was a compromise between the Anti-Federalists and the Federalists in 1791. Apparently the Anti-Federalists thought that with the Constitution, they wouldn’t have any individual liberties. Unfortunately the Federalists didn’t see the problem with the Constitution. This is where compromise comes in. After the Federalists and Anti-Federalists discussed their ideas, each side gave up something they wanted in order to get something they did want. Finally after a long, long discussion both sides agreed on the amendments for the Bill of Rights. …show more content…

They each created a Bill of rights for their class period, and found that compromising was a lot harder than it seemed. Each class period was split up into groups of four or five students, and they were responsible for creating 2 amendments. In their groups each student created their own amendment for each of their assigned amendments. After they each created their own, they got together in their groups to decide what the final copy of each amendment would be. To do this, each person voted on which amendment they liked best. When groups didn’t agree on an amendment they had to compromise and make an amendment that incorporated all of their ideas. Then each class period came together. For each amendment topic there were two groups assigned. When it was time for that amendment topic, both groups came up and presented their idea for the amendment. Then the rest of the class had time to ask questions. After all the talking was over each student voted for which amendment they wanted. If it the vote was close, Miss. Cohen would decide. Also if Miss.Cohen didn’t like the amendment the class chose, she could veto it, or combine the two proposed amendments. Even though this activity may have caused a lot of frustration when dealing with other people, a lot of talking, and compromising, it is similar to how the United States Bill of Rights was written. A similarity between the two is that while writing each there was compromise. Also in each bill of rights there are freedoms each person

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