Pros And Cons Of Captive Animals

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Do people ever wonder why animals try to escape from cages? The cages are small, unnatural, and uncomfortable. For instance, when people put their pets in cages, their pets will try to break out. After, long periods of time the animal will be so excited when its owner comes to the cage door. The animal knows that they are going to be let out. This is what zoo animals feel every day. They want to be free from captivity, especially ones taken from the wild. Zoos may seem safe and good for animals, but they are not. When noticing the dangers of zoos, watching animals go through terrible hardships, and by hearing the cry for basic rights gives people a sad view that shows how zoos are prisons to animals.
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The reason we should respect is that most animals have the same genetics as humans. The fact is that, “ninety percent of all mammals have the same genetic materials as humans” (Robinson 239). “Even seventy-one percent of Americans have said that animals should be protected from injury” (Robinson 240). It does not make sense why people still allow animals to be punished for not cooperating with trainers or keepers. Another problem that is not right is how animals are taken from their homes for zoo exhibits. That is one basic right that everybody deserves. Parents have been killed in the process of protecting their children from being taken into captivity. For example, mothers of apes have been killed so their children can be put in a zoo (Robinson 246). Now, all there is left to do is to show how people can help captive …show more content…

The most basic way to help animals is to report cruelty. When visiting zoos, here is what to look for. Do the animals live in bad conditions, look sickly, or are they being abused, if so, report it to a wildlife protection group? Another great way to help is to spread the word about animal captivity. The only way to get people to help out is to bring it to their attention (Laidlaw 44). One final way to help animals is to respect them while touring or visiting a zoo. The best thing to never do with animals is to take pictures with them. Other than the fact that the animals do not like to be held by strangers all day, it is very possible for tourists to transmit a disease to the animals while taking a picture with them (ACRES). In addition, people should leave animals alone and respect that they are not for zoos to use as

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