Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Military

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Alexander Madonna
Dr. Loucks
English 1113
October 19, 2015

Mandatory Military: America’s Fail-Safe
The United States military is the first and only line of defense for the greatest country in the world. Without a military to defend the people of the United States, the country would be subject to invasion from all other countries in the world. The rights that our Constitution grants these citizens would be void. The ideals that our forefathers fought for would be disregarded, and America would fall into ruin as we know it. This is why all those who live in the greatest country of the world should pay back their country with more than just tax dollars. Military service should be required for all capable citizens of the country. The benefits …show more content…

This is what requires service people to be able to take orders without second thoughts. This trait is not instinctive for most people. Because of this, the majority of society does not reach their full potential in the workplace. By joining the military, each person would learn important character traits that would not be obtained from any other lifestyle. Respect for authority, time management, and attention to detail would be greatly improved as a society. The training that these personnel receive is also very beneficial for civilian life. The underperformance of workers due to lack of time management and attention to detail would cease to exist. The workplace would become much more disciplined and more productive as a result of mandatory military service. If every worker in the U.S. increased their production through their newly found discipline, then the country’s exports would rise greatly, and the U.S. would not rely on other country’s services for common goods. The U.S. could once again be the manufacturing headquarters of the world. To summarize this, the military is one of the greatest life coaches available, and the country's economy would greatly benefit through mandatory military …show more content…

It is also one that could be controlled or negated through mandatory military service. According to the Center for Disease Control, the "epidemic" of obesity is a condition that over 1/3 of all American adults have. The annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008. (Adult Obesity Facts) Mandatory military service would result in both of these numbers being greatly lessened. The money that would be saved through the lessening of obesity could be put towards other aspects of government to maintain high physical fitness standards for all citizens. Alongside this, obesity produces many health hazards such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. (Center for Disease Control) By participating in physical training through mandatory military service, the US would be much healthier. The population's cardiovascular, muscular, and psychological health would all be strengthened by regular exercise. Through all these economic externalities, the government would have much more money to use towards future projects, rather than present day

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