Quilotoa Lagoon Essay

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One day I saw a beautiful girl carrying sheep to graze on the moor and she fell in love, to appear elegant, condor pocho robbery of a shepherd who slept posing as a human and climbed to shepherd on his wings who to feel the freedom of the air, fell in love with condor. They went together to the condor nest and gently pecked the girl to make it condor. This story is one of the most famous legends of the Andean region, illustrated in this book with the beautiful and traditional Tigua paintings by the artist Alfonso Toaquiza. The scenario of this legend is as magical as its history, Quilotoa Lagoon, located in the crater of the volcano of the same name straight out of a story but it is real as evidenced satellite image. The lagoon is located in…show more content…
Andean music with cheerful and horsemen commune Ponce, Quilotoa welcomed delegates Maquita Cushunchic MCCH Foundation, wearing their best clothes, red poncho for men and pink for women, who look elegant black or green hats, characteristic dress for the most important celebrations. The condor was eternal witness to the events of this highland located 3,900 meters above sea level, where the main economic activities include agriculture, grazing sheep and llamas, and now thanks to the training and support MCCH, community tourism. Several houses have been converted into hostels to house and display the handicrafts made here to the tourists who visit the community. Manuel Latacunga, Quilotoa Green Lake Association, said: "Handmade, all by hand, everything is handmade, after so many years we have come to market and sell this and make these either in wood, stone products." Wooden masks that evoke animals and myths of the area and traditional paintings naif style, rapporteurs of legends. Here tourists know the local culture and customs and traditional
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