Quilts In The Story Everday Use By Aliee Walker

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In the story"Everday Use" by Aliee Walker. Mama has to deside weather to give Dee whatever she wants. or let maggie have what she deserved. in the begining people look at mama as a strong independant women. She loves her kids and wants what is best for them. Mama only has a second grade education,while Dee is a collage graduate.Dee never liked her home she says it's old and has bad memories because it looks to much like their old house that burnt to the ground.Dee doesn't respect her mama or little sister.When Dee comes home one time Mama instently knows somethings not going to end up the way they plan.Aparently Dee has changed her name to together. Mama told Dee she can have the other quilts. In the end Mama did what was right, she stood up

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