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Corruption, it’s something that can destroy a nation, a country, a family, a friendship. It can obtain many forms, and it can happen in many ways. It could happen to anyone, including a loyal and brave soldier. Macbeth being a respectable soldier and friend had let power corrupt him, but what ensures us that power is what corrupted him. Macbeth was an honorable and loyal soldier to King Duncan. As he stumbled upon the three witches and hearing their predictions. He began to question his future when King Duncan had given a higher rank to his son Malcolm. As if Malcolm was to become king Macbeth’s second prophecy of him becoming king wouldn’t come true or at least it would take a longer time for him to be king. His ambitions toward the crown grew and it slowly but surely began to corrupt his mind. Along with the help of his wife Lady Macbeth, who encouraged and convinced him to go through the plan of killing Duncan, his mind and soul slowly turned insane. …show more content…

His conscience still guilty from the murder he had committed. This feeling of guilt showing that Macbeth still had morals, as he did truly doubt the murder plan and had begun to have second thoughts on it. But even though he still felt guilt his power hungry ambition for absolute power was greater. He had even turned against his loyal partner, Banquo, as he was predicted to be the father of a long line of kings. Macbeth growing fear of losing power took over him and he sent murderers to kill Banquo and his son. Yet there was still hope that Macbeth would learn to turn back from these ways, as he had still felt guilt after Banquo’s murder, but he did not. He had only become worse as he became entirely corrupt. Spilling blood, and turning against those who had once praised him. It had gone to the point where his own army only followed him as it was their duty and not because they truly respected and honored

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