Racial Characters In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The book Of Mice and Men takes place in salinas valley on a ranch during the great depression. The book mainly focuses on the life of Lennie and george. Lennie and george have known each other for a very long time and they are traveling companions. Lennie has some sort of mental disability and this hinders how him and george earn money and get work. Lennie’s mental disability creates problems for him along with his strength. He does not know his own strength and he has the mental capacity of a child making him dangerous due. He does not mean to cause harm to anything but he does. As it takes place during the great depression there is even more racist and sexism present than there is today. Women and POC* are discriminated against pretty severely. In the book several minorities are dehumanized by being called derogatory names or not being given a name and being reduced to just a man 's wife. The book also does not pass the bechdel test, which shows that in this time period/in this book minorities are not valued. Curley’s wife was labelled a tart for trying to make friends after curley …show more content…

In the ‘30s people of colour were treated even worse than they are in today’s society. They made crooks sleep separately from the rest of the workers. They discluded him from games and festivities. Worst of all they called him a slur. A slur being a derogatory or insulting term applied to particular group of people, in this case being the n-word directed at crooks. The n-word is highly offensive and that is common knowledge so the ranch workers had to have known and kept calling him that. For example when slim is looking for crooks he calls out to him as the stable buck and then says, “Where the hell is that God damn n***er?” It is abusive and dehumanizing to call someone a slur like that. They call him the n-word so casually and easily that they must be using the offensive term

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