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Andrew Brousseau A family from Chicago In The Raisin in the Sun, we see a poor black family in Chicago portrayed. This family is constantly torn apart by the discriminatory everyday life they have to deal with. The family receives 10,000 in life insurance money after the passing of their father. This might seem great but this would cause lots of problems for the family ahead. Everyone wanted the money for their own needs. This tears apart the family even more due to arguments over what it should be used for. In Act 1, Scene 2 on pages 73 and 74, Mama and Walter have an exchange about money. In this conversation, Walter says “Money is life, one's success is based on how much money they have made now.” This is a heavy topic because this becomes the reason why they start to tear apart. There are countless arguments on what should be done with this money, this impacts the environment of the family. This was starting to tear up the family because Walter wanted it for a liquor …show more content…

A quote to resemble this is on page 148,“And we have decided to move into our house because my father-my father-he earned it for us brick by brick.” Once the family is aware of the new house, the family starts to get closer. A surge of happiness comes from the family because they are moving out of the controlling apartment space they lived in,to their own house. This is what they have been hoping for the whole time, so after all this time they can finally have a form of freedom. This changed how characters were viewed also. Walter was a greedy character in the story ,but at the end he did what he thought was best for the future of his family. He noticed that he could not raise his family out of poverty alone, so he wanted to stay committed with his family. It seemed that all the family's dreams came true. Especially after all the hate,discrimination, and arguments there was finally a

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