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Claudia Arevalo English 1 Mr.Paul 3/22/23 In the play “Raisin in the Sun'' by Lorraine Hansberry, the author conveys the idea that people can become selfish when trying to achieve the American Dream. This is shown through multiple events throughout the play when the characters search for a better way of life. For example, when Walter made a misogynist comment and told his sister to settle on becoming a nurse like all women instead of a doctor. Another event that shows this is when Walter selfishly steals Beneatha's tuition money out of greed for a failed attempt of his own dream. Lastly, when Asagai has a conversation with Beneatha on how she's diverting from the whole reason why the money came to be, because of her father's death. These events clearly show the theme of how greed and selfishness can occur …show more content…

It shows this because of the actions they've done. A quote that represents the theme of selfishness and greed in raisin in the sun is, “Were there is no need to succeed, by now it is agreed, there is always greed, our desires for more always exceeds our needs, hence wealth power and greed have always been married.” by Sylvia Chidi. This quote illustrates the idea that when there's no need to try to succeed, greed is always there and no matter what, our want for more always surpasses our needs and its human nature to want more. It also says how wealth, power and greed will always be tied together as partners. This quote represents the theme exactly of Walter, Beneatha, and Asagai wanting to achieve more for themselves and how selfishness and greed can come out and show in ugly ways and actions toward one

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